DIY Covered Button Push Pins Kit - Teacher / Favor Gift

DIY Covered Button Push Pins Kit - Teacher / Favor Gift

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Here is the do it yourself (DIY) kit you will need to make your own covered buttons push pins. This kit includes everything you need to make 10 (ten) push pins (fabric not included), including instructions. It even comes in a cute little clear top tin that can be used to store your finished covered button push pins or can be used as a gift box if you are going to give as a gift.

These make for unique gifts for teachers and co-workers, and even wedding /shower favors. They are quick and inexpensive to make and everytime they look/use your push pins, they will remember you.

Your children can even make it themselves for their teachers. We did this with my 7 year old nephew, my 8 year old daughter and my 10 year old son. They were all so proud of themselves and were all excited about giving their teachers their gift that they made themselves. And the best part is the teacher will actually be able to use it everyday in classroom. You know how kids just love making things, but the only problem is they are going to want to make more. :)

Have fun !!!!!

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