1.25" Heavy Weight Cotton Webbing

1.25" Heavy Weight Cotton Webbing

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Cotton Webbing - Heavy Weight
Width: 1.25 Inch
Thickness:  about 2.5mm
Color: You pick color(s) - mix and match

*♥* If you selected "Mix", please be sure to notate the breakdown in the notes section. *♥*

*♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥* *♥*

The 1.25" heavy weight cotton webbing is about 2.5mm thick.  You have 22 colors to choose from (see color chart). Your choice of color(s) don't have to be all 1 color. You can mix and match.

Ribbon/Fabric Key Fob key chains are great sellers at craft shows. If you are looking for a new item to add to your craft show, this is it. These sell between $5.00 to $6.00. These only take about 5 to 10 minutes to make and cost under $1.00 in supplies. How many handmade items do you make that has such a great markup?

Ribbon/Fabric Key Fob key chains also make for adorable personal gifts for teachers, family, friends and pet lovers alike.

Other uses include: belts, dog collars, straps for purses, luggage and even backpacks.

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